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San Fernando Valley Portfolio


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Totalling 123 units and closing at just under $23,000,000, IREA partner David Leibowitz closed a nine-property multifamily portfolio in the first week of March. None of the properties had been on the market for almost 50 years.

The units were spread throughout the valley: 37 units at 8123 Langdon; 16 units at 6502 Vineland Ave; 18 units at 8924 Van Nuys Blvd; 15 units at 6461 Kester Ave; 10 units at 5840 Hazeltine Ave; 9 units at 6935 Woodman Ave; 12 units between the buildings at 14129 Gilmore St and 14133 Gilmore St; and 6 units at 14108 Gilmore St.