Our track-record through several market cycles allows us to provide an accurate and comprehensive ANALYSIS of each client’s investment objectives. We ADVISE clients on strategies to increase cash-flow and achieve long-term portfolio appreciation. We EXECUTE our client's goals by maximizing market exposure, negotiating transactional terms and conditions, managing escrow, servicing title and financing needs, and satisfying any 1031 exchange requirements. Additionally, IREA has thirty years of experience in advising clients on note and REO sales.


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Analyze, Advise, Execute

  • Identify client's investment objectives

  • Analyze property/portfolio thoroughly

  • Advise on potential strategies to achieve goals

  • Design and execute customized plan

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SELLER Representation

Maximizing Market Value

  • Design a custom marketing campaign to maximize market exposure

  • Create an aggressive bidding environment

  • Qualify prospective buyers

  • Oversee due diligence process to increase the probability of a successful close

  • Manage escrow, title and property inspections

  • Resolve potential issues with proactive solutions


Buyer representation

Finding the Right Investment

  • Access local and national inventory, both on and off market

  • Source all product types, including single tenant NNN, multi-tenant retail, multifamily, hospitality, office, industrial and redevelopment investments

  • Assess a property's best financing alternatives

  • Structure complex debt and equity solutions

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1031 Exchange Services

Long Term Portfolio Strategies

Includes all Services in Seller & Buyer Representation with an additional focus on creating a custom exchange plan to:

  • Control exchange timeline

  • Acquire property type specific to clients management-style objectives

  • Achieve return-on-equity goals

  • Coordinate debt and equity requirements